Reason Behind My Project

My grandma and me

I have been around smoke all my life. It started when I was little when my grandma use to pick my friend and I up from school and she would be smoking in the car and it would continue in the house and at the restaurants when we would go get something to eat. I was around her all the time and the affect of her smoking was hard for me when I was little because I played basketball and soccer. I never noticed it untill I had to move away because my mother got a new job. The difference in my breathing was dramatic. It was easier to run and I had more stamina then before. Another person I was around when I was little was my father. He started to smoke when I was a young child around six years old, but since my parents were divorced I was not around him daily like my grandma. When he took up smoking he not only messed up his health but my brothers and Is as well. He passed away on December 12, 1996 from a heart attack. Then exacltytwo months later my grandpa pasted away from heart attack as well caused by smoking and then two and a half years later I lost one of my uncles because of lung cancer. In 2006, my grandma, the one I talked about at the beginning, had a stroke. Even though she has had a stroke it has not stopped her from smoking. She still smokes in the house and it does not matter who is in the room. She is respectable to those people who do not want to be around smoke. In this case, she goes to another room or outside to check on her dog (like in the instance if her great grandchildren come over to play). 

When I lost my uncle to lung cancer was by far the worst experience out of all the loses and trials I have experienced with my family and friends who have smoked. Watching my uncle go through so much pain and agony was detrimental. I think people 10-15 years ago did not know the health effects of smoking as well as we do now. It is such an addicting drug, but seeing people you love die from these horrible chemicals only makes it more logical to outlaw smoking in public places because you are hurting the people around you. The government’s decision to outlaw smoking in public places was not to upset smokers or people who do not mind smoke it is for the health concerns of the citizens in the city.


One Response to “Reason Behind My Project”

  1. pipey2310 Says:

    I for one could not agree with you more. We as non-smokers have every right to smoke free air. Carry On!!!

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