October 27, 2007 11:30p.m.

My friend Amanda from Elgin, Il and I went to Teller’s last night to meet up with some of my friends. When we pulled up and started walking towards the doors we were treated to a group of people outside the restaurant smoking. After we got inside we had to fight through the crowd to get to the table where my friends were seated. My roommate Colin was going outside to smoke, so I joined him while my friend Amanda hung out with some of my friends she had met. When we got outside I was listening to everyone’s conversation around me. You had the drunk person being obnoxious and trying to figure out where there next move was going to be. You had the drunk couple arguing about how the other one was flirting with that person at the bar. Then you had my roommate and me. Him and I are people watchers. We have fun looking at the random conversations and acts that people do, so we can talk about those things later and laugh. The thing most on my mind was that not one person was talking about how upset they were that they had to go outside in order to smoke. Teller’s, a restaurant and bar, was packed to the max and this isn’t even a “popular” place to be on a Friday night. I asked my roommate what he thought about the ban. “I don’t really mind it. I mean it would be nicer to be sitting down with everyone inside, but I understand that my habit grosses other people out and I respect that.” I then say “Well, do you think it is fair that you have to give that right up in order for say me to not have smoke all around me?” He responds with “I mean it’s nothing that I let get to me. I know that smoking gets to people and they don’t like to be around it, so for me, if it bothers someone then I will respect their wishes and not put them in a situation they don’t  want to be in.” By this time Colin was done with his cigarette so we headed back in.


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