The Smoking Ban–Advantages ouweighing the Disadvantages

 The smoking ban has its benefits and disadvantages just like every subject, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. One reason in particular is the same as the one that the local government made during the debate on whether to pass this law or not and that is the welfare of others around smokers. Non-smokers should not have to sit at home so that smokers are able to enjoy a night out on the town because non-smokers do not feel like smelling of smoke, inhaling smoke, getting headaches from the smoke, and even the eye burning because of the huge clouds of smoke because there is no air movement. I use to smoke and I am still on the pro side of the ban on cigarettes in public places because I should not jeopardize someone else’s health because of my own selfishness to smoke. It is a smell that lingers and a horrible habit to have.

Air pollution is another factor. It is known that tobacco gives off horrible chemicals like carbon monoxide, tar, and ammonia just to mention a few. Ammonia is something you usually use to clean house. To think you are inhaling these chemicals into your body and then blowing them into the air around you for others to inhale is quite selfish and makes sense to ban it. The reason why I enjoy the no smoking in public places is because the smoke is now being circulated. Smokers now have to go outside where the air is in constant movement. Some people do not feel like going outside to smoke so instead they stay inside with friends and that is even better for non-smokers and the environment.

Lastly, there are other ways to meet your nicotine cravings that do not involve disrupting other people’s health. I think that if you are going to complain about not being able to smoke then maybe you can take a step back and look for another way to get your fix that you have on nicotine if you chose to go out to a public place.


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