Hi my name is Maggie and I started this blog for my English class. We are doing a project in our class about the city we attend college. I chose to do mine over the smoking ban in public places. I am doing a follow up on the smoking ban that was passed on January 9, 2006. As you can tell it has almost been a year and I am going to show you that even though there was so much commotion and debate about this law that it has not affected people on whether or not they go out to public places because they are no longer able to smoke there. The banning of smoking in public places does take away smoker’s rights, but by them smoking it also takes away non-smoker’s rights as well. What smokers are doing affects everyone around them unlike non-smokers and it is detrimental to other people’s health conditions not just the smokers. Non-smokers should not have to stay confined in there homes because they do not want to be exposed to toxic chemicals like the ones found in cigarettes. Government is not taking smoking away everywhere, they are just saying they cannot do it inside where other people are being affected by it. Smokers can still smoke outside and that is better for health reasons. You cannot win every situation, but since the non-smokers benefit from this decision and the smokers are not losing much of their rights it seems like a win-win situation. The project is going to discuss a lot of things. The main topics that I feel are important to my research are first my personal experience. I feel this is important because the experience I have had with smoking makes it more personal and makes me more passionate about the subject. Also, I will talk about what the ban (in terms of what the law states), as well as the smokers and non-smokers feeling towards the ban. Lastly, I will finish up with my observations, interviews, and my conclusion, so I hope you enjoy and learn something new. Through my writing my opinion will probably become aware. I am for the government’s decision on banning smoking not because of my personal perference, but because it is of a health concern not a social or popularity choice. The people I have interviewed, formally and informally, have told me that the smoking ban has not kept them from going out whether they were smokers or not. The information I found about smoking and the health reasons why the ban was put forth were informative and things I had never heard before, so ENJOY!!


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