Controversy Between Smokers and Non-Smokers

The point of this next section is to point out the arguments that both sides of the people involved in the ban. Both sides have great points and it is not to persuade you for one argument or the other, but to educate on why the smokers and non-smokers want or do not want the ban to exist in there city.


  • Smokers believe that the law is interfering with their rights
  • Business owners think that it is not up to the law to decide how they run their business.
  • It is not right for the businesses to loose their freedom to do what they want to in their establishment.
  • Businesses think that it is up to the patrons to decide what is right for them not the government.
  • The ban increases the risk of dinning and dashing. The customer may say they are stepping out to smoke when in reality they leave and leave there bill as well.
  • Banning smoking in public places is a violation of a person’s liberty, personal responsibility, and personal property.


  • Non-Smokers believe that the law will help protect them from risks of secondhand smoke.
  • Since smoking is the unhealthy activity you should get rid of it because it is the thing that is causing heart diseases and premature deaths in all ages.
  • The safety of not only the patrons, but the employees as well is at stake.
  • The concern of smelling like smoke when leaving a public place that allows smoking was a problem because of the smoke that sticks to your clothes/hair and the people you encounter that have to breathe in the secondhand smoke as well.

To some, these arguments may be obvious but to others they may be new to hear. The idea of the businesses being upset because the local governments are taking their rights away and telling them how to run their business was something I had never heard before.


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