All Things Must Come to an End

This project is meant to be seen as documenting the life of people from the ages of 18-64 years old and their thoughts on the smoking ban. It has almost been a year since the ban and I wanted to get people’s reaction. I thought it would give people enough time to cool down (because people, smokers in particular) were upset at first and I wanted to see if any of the ones that I came across were still upset or if they had changed their minds. Also, the non-smokers were important as well because it showed a sense of gratitude they had towards the smokers and appreciated them for not smoking. This project was a follow up, but also the reasons why they ban was put into place and the damaging effects that smoke has on other people. I enjoyed doing this project because I believe when the government passed this ban it had good intentions and to help everyone in the city. My goal was to see if others felt that same way too and oddly enough, smokers and no-smokers, both believed that the smoking ban was a good thing because even the smokers do not like smelling like cigarettes when they leave a restaurant, bar, etc. Even though I did not have as much time as I liked to have spent on this project it was fun and interesting to look up what people affected by this ban had to say and the way they were thinking. I also enjoyed interviewing people because they made me open my mind and see the ban in a new light and other ways the government was thinking when they passed the law.


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