Adam Spieker-Athlete and Student

Adam, Whitney, and Nik

Me: How old are you?

Adam: 22 years old.

Me: What do you do hear at the University of Missouri?

Adam: I am the starting center for the football team and have been for the past 3 years.

Me: Did you ever go out before the smoking ban was passed and if so how did it affect you?

Adam: I think it did bother me and I don’t think people should be forced into a smoking environment and instead it should be a choice.

Me: Since the smoking ban has been passed do you feel more comfortable going out to public places like restaurants or has it not really bothered you either way?

Adam: I like it a lot more I just don’t like going to places and smelling like an ashtray and I think people don’t got to bars to smoke, but to socialize and drink, so the smoking ban doesn’t really hurt their business(s).

Me:Do you feel as an athlete the smoking at bars affected you as an athlete?

Adam: I think the next day it  does because you have people blowing smoke in the air and I think it just equal outs to a couple of cigarettes by just coming from secondhand smoke.

Me: Do you find that a lot of athletes put themselves around cigarettes?

Adam: I would say not many athletes smoke cigarettes because you can’t smoke cigarettes on a regular basis and be an athlete. You can’t be in good enough shape and be able to perform at Big 12 level. Everybody I know is tobacco free.

Me: Do you have any personal experiences with smoking?

Adam: I know my grandpa and grandma have smoked the majority of their life. My grandpa is about 60 years old and still continues to smoke, but my grandma quit when she was 50 years old cold turkey. Smoking is bad for you and it’s not good to start, so if you know anyone who starts you should help them to quit because it is very addictive and you can cause long term damages to your body and it’s not good.

Me: Do you think your favorite places you go have been hurt financially by the ban?

Adam: Well, I don’t go out very much but when I do it is still as crazy as the time before. Smokers aren’t going to go out just because they can’t smoke in the bars. They will find away like when they go outside to smoke. I think it may even help the businesses because those people who wouldn’t go out before because of the smokey atmosphere now will

Me: Do you think it is up to the government to tell the businesses they are not allowed to have cigarettes in public places?

Adam: Well the government already tells the businesses what they can and cannot to a lot already I mean I think they should because I don’t think people should have to put up with smoking if they don’t want to. I think it’s a right you should have not to smoke and not have to be around it.


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